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Currently in Beta, ProjectAMP is a project based application that was built to help manage project information and gain better insight into your project. It is a SaaS application that makes it easy for you to source your information from different users. Yesterday's thought process of only allowing employees from your company to have access to your systems is long behind us. Now any user from anywhere can have access and provide input into your application. There are many points of entry for data that your company needs, so why duplicate the effort? With ProjectAMP, you can now reach your full potential and be more efficient with your data.

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Provides projects with actionable data to make data driven decisions. Once you understand the information in an easy to view format, then decisions are easier to make.


Provides Project Owners or Project Administrators the information they need and have more insight into the full project management cycle.


Allowing project to be more productive with its data entry and data management. Since all of the data is in one system, there is no need to have it in multiple places and you will only have to enter it once.

ProjectAMP's Procurement Features

ProjectAMP's procurement module was created to meet a real business need for projects that needed a better handle on the full procurement process. A lot of companies still work with orders that are placed by fax, e-mail and phone. Purchase Orders are created in Word or Excel documents which make it hard to track and keep up with orders and when the order has been fulfilled. Working with multiple projects, multiple requisitioners, and multiple suppliers can and have lead to lost orders, material and data! ProjectAMP bridges the full process and different procurement components from Requisition to Receipt.

  • Advance Admin Panel
  • Contact Management
  • Requisitions
  • Request for Quotes
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Owner Supplied Orders
  • Purchase Contracts
  • Item Schedule Delivery
  • Receipts
  • Overage, Shortages Á Damages
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